How To Develop The Mindsets to Create Without Fear

Dr. Adebeshin Lawal
5 min readOct 11, 2020
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Everyone is creative. It is the years of schooling and societal conformation that makes us dread creativity.

My own definition of creativity is beyond writing and speaking but a gamut of mindsets and belief systems about bringing order to chaos and making what seems ordinary look amazing.

Our childhood curiosity to a testament to our creativity but the rituals of molding and preventive measures put in place to protect us from the harsh realities of the world that stiffens most of the creative genius in us by the time we are adults.

It is not enough to think like a creative if we are not ready to act like one. Art or creativity is more of an expression than theory. Art comes through expressions of any sort.

Anyone can claim to be creative just by the way they think but it is never enough until we begin to do what art requires. The creative person is not known by virtue of what he thinks, but by what is being created.

There is no middle ground. You either create or you don’t. It is the action that you display that makes you creative. Action is the beauty of art. Unfortunately, the acting is a messed up part of our mind. It is where the magic happens and it is also the most difficult part of a creative life.



Dr. Adebeshin Lawal

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